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STORE PROFILE: Van Gogh goods at National Gallery of Canada Bookstore

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By now, you’ve likely heard about the summer blockbuster exhibit at the National Gallery of Canada. Indeed, Van Gogh is popping up everywhere, from the Museum of Civilization’s special IMAX film to Third Wall’s theatrical presentation celebrating the life of the Dutch painter.

Art posters and other goodies are available at the National Gallery of Canada Bookstore. Photo by David Kawai.

While we’re hyped to see the show, we can’t help but warn against the inevitable sense of ennui that always follows a brush with the work of such an artist — and suggest a cure.

I’m talking about the feeling following The Gallery Visit. Upon return to the ho-hum of regular life, it can be a bit depressing to discuss the particulars of a piece of art, how it moved you, changed your perception of impressionism, etc. The exhibit may well have affected you, but unless you’re preparing to pack up your paint brushes and study nature “up close”, it can seem like a dream — pleasant, but easily forgotten.

This particular exhibit also comes with its own devastating storyline of depression and self-mutilation. Try working that into cocktail party convo. These aren’t easily packaged issues, as Annabelle Kienle explains in the exhibition catalogue.

More easily packaged are the raft of themed knick-knacks inspired by the exhibit — like this bone china mug. For $19.99, you can ponder detail from Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers while enjoying your coffee. Available at the National Gallery Bookstore, it’s among a special selection of pieces brought in to accompany the Van Gogh exhibit. Pick up a memory from your visit on the way out — it will double as a great way to work brush strokes and colour theory into daily life.

The Look: Pleasant and full of fun surprises.

Perfect for: Art lovers — and those who buy gifts for them.

USP: Find a sampling of items related to Van Gogh: Up Close on the NGC website.

National Gallery of Canada Bookstore (first floor),

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THE ARTFUL BLOGGER: Experience the stunning works of Van Gogh “up close”

By Paul Gessell

Photo credit: Vincent van Gogh Iris, 1890 Oil on thinned cardboard, mounted on canvas 62.2 x 48.3 cm National Gallery of Canada Photo © NGC

Has there ever been a more intoxicating painting created by a madman in an asylum?

We speak, of course, of Vincent Van Gogh’s Iris, created in 1889 shortly after the Dutch artist and his self-mutilated right ear entered the French Asylum of Saint-Paul-de-Mausole at Saint-Remy in Provence for a year-long stay.

The painting appears to have been sketched initially as Van Gogh was down on his knees, seeing the blooming iris plant from the same height a toddler or small animal would see it. The very posture he had to assume to paint Iris must have marked him, at least by other artists of the day, as somewhat loopy.

The iris plant grew wild in the parkland around the asylum. Indeed, there is something frenzied and untamed about this iris plant, with its long pointed leaves reaching up in a dozen different angles and its bluish-purple blossoms ragged and fragile.

Iris is owned by the National Gallery of Canada and it is a painting that can truthfully be said to be the beating heart of the newly opened summer-long exhibition there titled Van Gogh: Up Close. The main curators of the show, Cornelia Homburg and Anabelle Kienle, used Iris as leverage to borrow 46 other Van Goghs from around the world; most have never before been seen in Canada.

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THE ARTFUL BLOGGER: Leap into a Van Gogh painting, courtesy of the IMAX Theatre at the Canadian Museum of Civilization

By Paul Gessell

A self-portrait featured in "Van Gogh: Brush with Genius." ©Camera Lucida.

Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings will not just be at the National Gallery of Canada this summer but, in a manner of speaking, also taking a starring role at the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

The IMAX Theatre at Civilization will be showing the 39-minute film Van Gogh: Brush With Genius from May 18 until Sept. 3, corresponding to the National Gallery exhibition Van Gogh: Up Close running from May 25 to Sept. 3. The film is directed by Peter Knapp and Francois Bertrand in partnership with four major European museums with Van Gogh works.

Civilization had a test screening of the Van Gogh film a few years ago to see gauge audience reaction. The response was evidently positive enough to encourage the museum to show the film this summer in conjunction with the National Gallery exhibition.

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