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CAFETERIA CONFIDENTIAL: U of O scores the first Première Moisson bakery outside of Quebec; it opens in the new Social Sciences Building on Oct. 22

An artist's rendering of the inside of UofOttawa's new Première Moisson bakery

Tim Hortons. Quiznos. Starbucks. These types of large corporate fast-food brands dominate most campuses and limit food options for university students and staff. I have often wondered why it has to be that way.

Why does the food that’s going to be gobbled up between lectures have to be the same as the stuff at the shopping mall, the airport, or the restaurant at the side of the highway? Why can’t there be something good, tasty, and nourishing to eat?

University of Ottawa has already demonstrated a slightly more enlightened view on the matter by allowing two creative food trucks — Stone Soup Foodworks and Relish — to have designated spots on campus. Next week, the institution will take another step forward by opening up a Première Moisson, Quebec’s leading artisanal bakery, in its brand-new Social Sciences Building.

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EAT THIS: Anne DesBrisay stumbles upon tasty (and adorable!) Canada Day Cookies

Colourful confections decorated with oh-so-Canadian words. What do you think aboot that?

By Anne DesBrisay

I popped in for a loaf of bread. But there they were, arrestingly red, standing on guard, tall and proud on a Boko Bakery cookie sheet, and a dozen slipped effortlessly into a Boko box. Patriotic gems, they were, poking some fun at iconic Canadianisms, in the form of easily downed, utterly restorative sugar cookies. I just called. They’re making more.

Cost: $2.50 each

Boko Bakery, 264 Elgin Street, 613-230-2656

In Season: Anne DesBrisay heads to 3 Tarts Bake Shop for her rhubarb fix

Sweet success: This 3 Tarts wonder marries rhubarb with strawberries. What's not to like?!

By Anne DesBrisay

“Her instructions were to pull up all the weeds. I thought it was a weed. It looked like all the other weeds. And who cares about her stupid rhubarb anyway? I’ll just plant her some more.”

My son was 16, hired to help an elderly neighbour with a back garden gone feral. He was so delighted with the job he had done for her: nine hours of coaxing pristine order to what had been chaos. She, well, she was not delighted — her furious face the colour of the crimson stalks of the 60-year-old rhubarb patch my kid had just wrenched from the earth.

A note of contrition was written. New rhizomes were planted, but relations have never been quite the same. It still smarts. On both sides.

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STICKY BUN OF THE DAY! The ‘Morning Bun’ from Bridgehead

Photography by Leeanne Munn

By Cindy Deachman

Like a high-topped kugelhopf, this is quite a different style of cinnamon bun. Here’s introducing the Morning Bun. Such delicate flavour! Wonderfully dredged in brown sugar and cinnamon, this flaky pastry tastes faintly of orange. Reminiscent of a Danish — the one you’ve wanted all your life. Coffee klatch, anyone? $2.50 each. 

224 Dalhousie St., 613-562-9996; plus 12 other Ottawa locations,

This concludes our series of five sticky buns in five days. Happy sampling.

STICKY BUN OF THE DAY! A light cocoa and butter creation from Bread & Sons

Photography by Leeanne Munn

By Cindy Deachman


A Chocolate Cinnamon Swirl will get you twirling any morning — or any time, really. Undeniably. It’s buttery, it’s crisp, and it’s ever so crumbly. Then the filling, rich and deep. Luxurious cocoa and butter keep sweet cinnamon in abeyance. Perfect balance. As for lightness — almost unbearable. $2.25 each.

195 Bank St., 613-230-5302, 

Stay tuned for a new sticky bun to try every day this week… just because…

STICKY BUN OF THE DAY! A heady glaze and pecans from Art-is-in

Photography by Leeanne Munn

By Cindy Deachman


You’ll practically keel over eating this sticky pecan bun. The heady glaze sinks right into the croissant pastry for extra-dense richness. Frankly, you may never get up again. $2.50 each. 250 City Center Ave., Bay 114,

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STICKY BUN OF THE DAY! An ethereal caramel creation from 3 Tarts

By Cindy Deachman


The sticky bun, pale and golden, is almost ethereal. That thick caramel on top, though, keeps things real — moist and soft. Rather like a luscious upside-down cake, truth be known. The ones with pecans give a judicious crunch. $2.75 each. 1320 Wellington St. W., 613-729-9832. 

Stay tuned for a new sticky bun to try every day this week… just because…

OPENING! Nutty Greek Bake Shop rewrites history with soon-to-be-famous baklava cheesecake

The charming Papadopoulos family brings nutty sweetness to Little Italy

Warmth, sweetness, comfort, pleasure. These are the feelings inspired by three simple ingredients: lemon, cinnamon, and honey. Add a bunch of nuts and you are half way to understanding the magic of this new, big-hearted bakery in Little Italy.

In Greek baking, walnuts are revered in the same way that pistachios rule the kitchen in Lebanese pastries. So in the Nutty Greek Bake Shop (apparently Ottawa’s first Greek bakery in 26 years!) you’ll find walnuts that are crushed and rolled, layered upon, and sprinkled overtop many of the dozens of treats on offer. They are outstanding, for instance, as the crumbly adornment for a traditional moist, cake-like cookie called the Melomakrona (say it with me: meh-loh-mah-KAH-roh-nah). Dipped in honey syrup and flecked with orange zest, I could’ve eaten a thousand of those things.

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INTRODUCING: Thimble Cakes

Bank Street's brand new cupcake cafe carves out a mini-niche within the seemingly insatiable market for sweet cakes

The cutie-pie ‘cupcakery’ craze continues. First there was Isobel & Company on Beechwood, then Auntie Loos on Bronson, next came The Flour Shoppe in the Glebe. Am I missing one or two? There are probably dozens more home bakers who sell cupcakes as a wholesale and/or special-order business, and even more frosted darlings to be found at dessert shops and supermarkets around town. Let’s just say, if you’ve got a hankering for a cupcake, you’ve got options.

And now, there’s one more. Thimble Cakes, a cupcake café, occupies a former gym next the Herb & Spice on Bank Street in Centretown. Where there were once barbells and elliptical machines, there is now vintage-inspired seating, girly chandeliers, buttercream frosting, and mismatched teacups.

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OPENING: Art-Is-In’s dynamite new take-out shop and funky bakery-cafe opens today

Art-Is-In Bakery owners Kevin Matheison and Stephanie Monnin have dreamed of having their own place for fresh morning pastries, great sandwiches and killer coffee. It opens today.

Since starting his own bakery in 2006, Kevin Mathieson has helped to transform the city’s bread scene, creating a line of sourdoughs and Dynamite baguettes that— I have argued — set a whole new standard for the staple food in this city. But there is much more to Mathieson than bread. Perhaps he has butter in his veins, but mention vienoisserie —almond croissants, apple turnovers, brioche, danish muffins, and scones — and watch the expression on his face soften, his smile widen, and his speech quicken. For the four years that I have known him, Mathieson has spoken passionately about croissants — longing for them like a lost love.

He and his wife, Stephanie Monnin, have dreamed of expanding their wholesale bakery and operating an industrial-style retail shop with amazing food and great coffee. After struggling for years to find the right location, they recently moved Art-Is-In bakery out of the cramped basement of The Ottawa Bagelshop into a massive industrial space nearly five times the size in City Centre. Not only has Mathieson been able to make room for his dream oven, a custom-designed proofing room, and an enormous walk-in freezer, but he can now develop his beloved menu of morning pastries, including the Art-Is-In croissant.

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