FROM THE PRINT EDITION: Bands that make it worth going out, no matter the weather

The Hot Ones

Portraits by Aaron McKenzie Fraser and Rémi Thériault

The five-piece band revives ’90s trip-hop with honey-toned front woman Whitney Delion parsing tangled inner conflict to a sweet mesh of beats, bass, record scratching, and vintage samples. They know their history too. Their tune “Passive Attack” is a winking nod to the genre’s grand masters.

The city’s premier indie band puts forth an energetic performance with a range of feeling coming through from the group’s four singers. There’s the emotive, plaintive, indulgent stuff; the soulful, deeply affecting songs; and the growling, explosive rock-out tunes that have the crowd in fist-raising singalong mode for hours.

Valley-reared sibs Kaylen and Kelly delight all with their ingrained talent. Pedigreed to the max — they are the progeny of country stars Tracey Brown and Randall Prescott and the grandchildren of music legends Joe Brown and Irwin Prescott — these kids are jaw-droppingly good.

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