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FOR HIM: Indochino pop-up store (April 24 – 28) offers made-to-measure suits for a song

Customers and staff mingle at the Indochino Pop-up Shop in Calgary in March 2012

Shop Talk is written by OM senior editor Dayanti Karunaratne and Sarah Fischer, OM account executive and fashion maven.

Ever peeked inside the closet of someone who has recently returned from Thailand? Chances are there are a few custom gems in there. Often made with unique collars, cuffs, and other details, not to mention quality fabrics, custom-made clothing  can be picked up at a fraction of the price one would pay in Canada — or so we’ve heard.

This week, Ottawa gets a bit of that bespoke touch when Canadian upstart Indochino sets up for four days on Slater Street. The company does most of its sales online, is based out of Vancouver and Shanghai, and will visit Ottawa for the first time this week.

From April 24 to 28, a team of stylists and tailors will be available for one-on-one consultations to help men put together the perfect suit. They’re even offering a free custom shirt with every suit purchase if you book an appointment in advance (but walk-ins are also welcome).

It all sounds pretty fun, but we wanted to know more, so we sent some questions to Indochino co-founder Kyle Vucko. We were impressed by the price, the guarantee and, of course, his assessment of the men of Ottawa!

Do let us know if you get out to the pop-up shop — we’d love to hear about your experience. Was it worth it? How does it compare to off-the-rack shopping? Why did you decide to go?

(And if there are couturiers out there who are thinking of doing something similar for women, please keep us in the loop!)

See below for location and contact details.

What are the starting prices for custom made suits?
Starting price for our essentials suit collection is $379.

How long will it take following an appointment to receive the product?
How is it delivered?
21 Days. The product is delivered directly your door via FedEx Priority Shipping.

How should a potential client prepare for an appointment at Indochino?
Our customers really don’t need to do anything before their appointment. Our tailors and stylists will take them through every step of the suit building process, as well as show them what some of the suits look like put together.

What kind of fabrics are available? What does Indochino look for in fabrics?
We have many different fabric options for our customers to pick from. Customers will see fabric ranging from different types of wool blends, spring cotton suits, and our new Linen Collection. Indochino only uses the finest high thread count Australian Merino and Monogolian Cashmere wools from Italy. Many of our fabrics are created in-house to ensure the ideal colour, quality, and drape.

What are the most popular fabrics right now? What are the hottest styles in men’s suits this season?
Because it’s spring and because the weather is going to start getting warmer and warmer, the trend in suits is going to be moving away from heavier fabrics. Our cotton and linen suits, for example, will be a great option for guys heading into the warmer months.

Are the suits guaranteed in any way?
We truly believe that fit is the most important part of a good suit and we want our customers to receive the best shopping experience possible. So, if a suit or any other item of clothing is not what a customer expects, we will do everything in our power to make it right. This includes offering free alterations if the product needs a slight adjustment, full remakes in rare cases when major adjustments are needed, and even a full refund if a customer is completely dissatisfied.

How would you describe Indochino’s customer base?
Our customer base has some range, but generally we see younger, technologically savvy and style conscious guys, which we think we’ll see a lot of in Ottawa!

Indochino Pop-up Shop
April 24-28

8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

151 Slater St., Suite G089

For questions or to book an appointment, contact

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  • OneofOttawasRealFoodies

    This particular piece didn’t sit well with me, considering you are OTTAWA magazine.

    I hope you will offer the same attention to local shirt maker, Rachel Russo at Levonian. She is here to stay and a part of the Hintonburg community (also working with her daughter at Alpha Soul Café).

    The shirt maker’s caravan is here for a few days. Where EXACTLY is the custom shirt made? Is it in Canada?  I am quite curious about that kind of pricing on custom made.

    I much prefer when Ottawa Magazine spends ink on supporting our own here in the community.

  • Jampaq

    The shirts and suits are made in Shanghai, but this isn’t a secret.  Indochino doesn’t hide that fact. Ottawa Magazine is well within its rights to post a story on a current thing happening in the city that locals petitioned on Twitter to get here. But yes, a nice addendum on other local providers would have been a good addition.