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CONTEST! Spring fashion giveaway from Ottawa Magazine + Originals by Andrea

Shop Talk is written by OM senior editor Dayanti Karunaratne and Sarah Fischer, OM account executive and fashion maven.

Have you seen our April issue? As part of our ongoing mission to bring more fashion to the pages of Ottawa Magazine, we teamed up with expert stylist Erica Wark and award-winning photographer Christian Lalonde to highlight some of the great work being done by local jewellery designers Andrea Kolpaska, Lee Ann Lacroix, Renée Levesque, and Vanessa Russell.

The fashion feature won’t be released online — so get thee to a news stand to pick up your copy!

To help celebrate the release of what many are saying is our best foray into fashion editorial yet, we’re giving away one of the pieces from the spread.

This piece by Andrea Kolpaska is a perfect addition to your spring wardrobe — in fact, it’s a jewellery wardrobe unto itself! Part of the Originals by Andrea Canadian Gemstone Collection, the piece features amethyst, carved coral, and Swarovski crystals in purple and green tones, and includes two different detachable necklaces and two bracelets — plus, the necklace can be shortened into a single strand that sits about mid-chest or can be linked or twisted together to make a chunky statement piece. You can even jazz up a plain black dress by wrapping the necklace around your waist like a belt! There are also two separate bracelets that come with this set: one with simple silver links and another chunky bracelet with stones and beads.

To win this eye-catching piece simply tell us about something you’re excited about in fashion this spring — it can be a new trend, a favourite summer dress, anything at all.

You can make a note in the comments section below, or through our Facebook, but you have to do it before the end of day on April 1st. We’ll draw the  winning name on April 2nd.

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  • andrea from the fishbowl

    That is gorgeous! Those are my favourite colours right now too. I am really looking forward to wearing a new lightweight jersey dress from Roots I bought last week. It’s so comfortable, like wearing a giant t-shirt, but much prettier! 

  • Sarah

    I am so excited to continue the colour-blocking trend!

  • Kaitlin Wainwright

    I’m excited that last year’s summer clothes fit me better this year. Oh, and for a gorgeous sundress from Grob that I scored at Flock last week. Super comfy and feminine.

  • Tara Lapointe

    What I love about spring fashion? colourful nail polish and open-toe shoes.

  • CAS64

    It’s all about the boots! I don’t care (almost) how hot it is, I love BOOTS! Love to see old meet new as well where designers put a modern spin on something nostalgic.

  • Elisabeth

    I am all about flowy tops and dresses right now! :)

  • jemrah

    The beautiful citrus colours – so fresh and rejuvinating :)

  • Plovecky444

    color, color, color.A great pop of color always gets u noticed.

  • Judith Kalil

    I am excited to wear a new pair of high heel sandals and lighter clothing.

  • JennT

    I am excited about wearing more ORANGE this summer! Loving the citrus colors :)

  • EponaPR

    Yellow is my favorite colour and I am so happy to see it in full bloom this spring in clothing and accessories! 

  • Fraser M Natalie

    I love picking out clothes to wear to summery picnics and concerts with friends! Bring on summer dresses in yellow!

  • Stefani

    I love spring and the return of open-toed shoes, with pretty painted toes peeking out. I have a new silver pair of heels that I’m dying to debut with a pretty silver and fuchsia dress I just bought at Pom Pom!

  • Carole-Ann Larose

    Love, love, love to hear the spring peepers! No socks! No more crazy shedding from my beautiful Woo!
    Dandelions, tulips and be still my beating heart… Lilacs!  Pedicures. Painted toes. Long walks in sunshine and losing weight to boot!  FRESH Asparagus! Open windows! Patios (non smoking now …. Wooo Hooo)! Getting out to see night sky! Skirts! And the return of POLKA DOTS!  I have two polka dots scarves I can’t wait to wear! Yellow and navy!

  • Sue Roseman

    I am thrilled about bright neons in solid colors add serious glamour to a lot of looks this spring. This bright trend spans the color palatte from shocking yellows to powerful pinks and greens to create a high-voltage feeling in clothing for all ages.

  • Laurie

    yellow yellow yellow that’s all I have to say about the things I love about this season’s fashions! 

  • Melanie Ouimet

    I always luv the spring show. I have been going every year for the past 4 years. I luv seeing the old stuff and the new stuff. :)

  • Nathalie

    I am excited about the Pantone fashion colours for spring! Flashy neons and softer pastels mean lots of possibilities for fabulous spring jewellery designs. And the seriously early sumer temperatures and sunshine we had last week have me thinking “flowers”! :-)

  • Rose Lyman

    I am excited about turning back the clock of time. Out with the grey hair and in with a nice rich chestnut brown and a zany youthful haircut.  Bring on the spring bloom!

  • Alison

    I’m excited maxi dresses. Need to try to find one that suits me, preferably with pockets.

  • Annie

    Two words:  MAXI DRESS!  There are so many out there and I can’t wait to wear one with a pair of nice flats.  

  • Steph

    I’m excited about a new party dress I just bought in which I feel beautiful and glam! It’s black with a swanky satin-y sheen to it with big pink and yellow flowers. And it’s versatile… I can wear it with cowboy boots or crank it up a notch with a pair of heels. Love it!

  • Beth

    I’m excited about coloured jeans! 

  • Meg

    I’m excited about the bright colours for spring, I just bought an emerald green suit jacket- sweet! :)

  • Wholovesyababy

    I’m excited to wear my new spring rain boots! A military-inspired shortie boot from Little Burgundy. And just $65! (Much easier to swallow than the Hunters). LOVE!