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FROM THE PRINT EDITION: Shawna Wagman extols the virtues of the alfajor


Photography by - Christian Lalonde

Move over, Oreo, and allow me to introduce the far superior alfajor. This traditional Argentinian cookie is filled with creamy slow-cooked caramel (a.k.a. dulce de leche) and rolled in fine shredded coconut. At Morala, a cozy café in the Glebe, the homemade alfajores sit on the counter, competing to be your coffee companion against a dazzling selection of far more common confections. But avoid temptation and keep your eye on the jar. You will be rewarded with a memorable shortbread sandwich cookie with a texture so delicate and tender, it melts, rather than crumbles, on the tongue. 734 Bank St., 613-235-4740.

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