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INTRODUCING: Edgar, a one-of-a-kind foodie destination…in Hull?

Hull's newest gourmet sandwich shop is worth the detour

For those of us who share a healthy appetite for food blogs, it’s difficult not to recognize at least a pinch of Molly (aka Orangette) and a dash of Clotilde (aka Chocolate & Zucchini) in Marysol (aka She Eats Bears). Like her renowned online counterparts, Marysol Foucault transitioned from casual food-obsessed blogger into a real-life force in the food world, right before our eyes. Until recently, Marysol was coordinator for Urban Element, where she was immersed in a never-ending parade of food-centred events, featuring hungry clients, ego-driven chefs and so much beautiful food. When an opportunity came along, almost out of the blue, to open up her own little restaurant, Marysol pounced on it. The result is Edgar (named for her late father), an intimate retro-chic café/sandwich shop and prepared-food take-out counter that has the local blogging community in fits of giddy excitement and puddles of drool (in a good way). Now in addition to coveting her delicious recipes and reveling in her mouth-watering story telling, fans can actually eat Marysol’s homemade food!

Edgar's signature Vietnamese sub is sublime.

So, about the food. Edgar’s website describes it as “plats réconfortants gourmandises” which could be translated as gourmet comfort food—but doesn’t it sound so much better in French? The simple menu (salad, soup, sandwich) changes daily so you have to consult the double chalkboard at the entrance and then peruse the display counter for the daily baked goods. There’s also a chalkboard at the back that lists the frozen take-out dishes on offer. Edgar has been open for less that two weeks yet Marysol is already discovering her customers are demanding some items stay on the menu permanently such as her soon-to-be-famous edgar bars (made with oats, chocolate, and peanut butter), her sinful signature bacon date brioche, as well as the fresh ‘n’ crunchy grilled pork Vietnamese sub (I’m ready to declare it one of the city’s best sandwiches). The gooey grilled cheddar panini with sautéed apples, onions and raisins on Art-Is-In bread is another one worthy of raves. Marysol blogged about the 14 (!!) different varieties of soup she debuted during her first week in business — from chunky chipotle chicken to squash apple and cashew —evidence that inspiration, creativity and a good solid chef’s knife are not in short supply in Edgar’s kitchen.

So, what’s the catch? For many of us, Edgar’s a bit out of the way. It’s located in Hull. And not even in downtown Hull. It’s on a residential street across from an elementary school in the Val Tétrault neighbourhood, home to the Université du Québec en Outaouais’s Alexandre-Taché Campus. The good news is it’s a super easy, less-than-10-minute drive from downtown Ottawa and West Wellington (via Island Park Drive). Go check it out and tell me it wasn’t worth the detour.

Edgar, 60 rue Bégin, Gatineau (Hull sector), Quebec 819-205-1110

Hours:Wednesday-Friday, 7:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m.; Saturday 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m., closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

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  • One of Ottawa’s Real Foodies

    Shawna couldn’t be more on the money. This quaint and wonderful cafe is worth the very small drive you might have to make to get to Edgar. There is something downright romantic about being snuggled away in Edgar far from the crazy of everyday life.

  • Kaitlin

    Who says you have to drive? It’s actually quite a nice bike ride along the pathway! Shawna, you’ve done a good job at capturing the awesomeness that is Edgar.

  • Lynne (thetwistedchef)

    Claps for Edgar! Marysol has been able to capture the spirit of excellent food – it doesn’t have to be fancy to be delicious. Her soups are sublime, her sandwiches are probably the tastiest in the area, and her baked treats are ridiculous (as in too good to be true). We all need an Edgar in our neighbourhood – this is most certainly worth the mini-detour. Thanks for the write-up.

  • Vanessa

    Such a wonderful and well-deserved write-up! In 2 weeks, I’ve eaten here twice and have been blown away both times. Edgar over-delivers in every way: A simple cup of coffee becomes a high-flavoured mini-vacation, a “standard” BLT…but with bonus chicken, and…wait a second…is that bacon in my brioche? This place may be quaint but it’s 100% worth the short wait for a table or take-out. The only thing this article forgot to mention is that Edgar is located just over a block away from the Alexandre-Taché entrance to Gatineau Park. So, all you x-country skiiers, stop in and reward yourself with one of the best-ever café au lait’s after a hard day out! Congrats to Edgar!

  • Elsie

    Excellent soup and sandwiches. Imagine getting both at the same time! We’ll be back, and often!

  • William

    why the question mark in the title?

    Are foodie destinations not allowed to exist outside of yuppieville downtown ottawa?

  • sylvie

    nice little place, food is unreal…every bite i took of my succulent sandwich my tastebuds were rejoycing!! very happy to have such a great place to go, close by…i’m seeing great expansion in the adorable couple’s future…i wish them great success for they deserve it for bringing us such excellence….

  • Peter

    My daughter and I went for the first time to Edgar on Saturday. What a wonderful experience. Roasted tomato, garlic and basil soup with creme fraiche for her and sweet potatoe and squash (I think) soup for me…both incredible. Sandwich for her, frittata for me…wonderful, desserts to die for and a fantastic latte. Everyone so easy going, not letting the “busy-ness” get to them! Marysol so sweet and so humble about her wonderful creation. We will be back!

  • glutzyken

    Finally, after 4 weeks, i arrived with Edgar, H & Y to discover for ourselves the ambience of Marysol’s courtesies and culinary skills. We will be back to try her other creations. A wonderful addition to the NCR along the Outaouais.

  • dominique

    NEXT TO MY HOUSE – i can hardly believe it ! quoi?
    OH OUI. move over glebe. :) nice work, looks absolutely lovely, cant wait to visit & taste!