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WEEKLY LUNCH PICK: Vera’s burgers shack up with The Butchery in Bells Corners

The burgers at Vera's use beef from The Butchery

The Place: Vera’s is a fun-loving, retro-style fast-food burger joint that lives inside the new location of The Butchery in a strip-mall in Bells Corners. It solves the problem of what to do when you find yourself ravenously hungry while food shopping.

The deal: Cleverly integrated into the 5,000-square-foot family-run butcher shop and deli counter, Vera’s is actually a Vancouver franchise with a dozen West-coast locations. The Butchery is Vera’s first appearance outside of her hometown. No need to wonder where the beef comes from. You’re in the butcher shop!

The crowd: Families and voracious carnivores of all stripes.

The dish: A big, thick juicy burger ($5.99), cooked to perfection over charcoal. Extras like cheese or bacon add $1.29 to the price. Plenty of “flavour shots”

options include: ketchup and Dijon, hot peppers, barbecue sauce and raw onions. Sorry, no fancy sun-dried tomatoes or quirky Kraft Dinner here. The patties (which are also sold barbecue ready on the butcher shop side) are juicy and have a nice crust on the outside. Massive quantities of crisp golden fresh-cut fries ($1.49), and bottomless fountain drink ($1.69) complete the experience. Otherwise, you can order up a double burger, a Vera Dog or a grilled chicken fillet.

The cost: $21.50 for two (or in this case three, there was plenty to share with my daughter), including tax


Vera’s Burger Shack, 3657 Richmond Road, (613) 829-9133,;

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