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HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ME! Happiness is… a kilo of Happy Goat coffee beans delivered right to your door

Good morning! There's nothing like waking up to discover a kilo of Happy Goat beans on the doorstep

By Anne DesBrisay

I’m a serious drinker and I guess you could say I spend serious money on my habit. But here’s the thing: I take my coffee black, so the savings from not having to buy cream (crazy expensive) justifies, I figure, my forking out more for the good stuff.

And the good stuff, of late, for me, comes from Happy Goat and to my front porch. My current favourite — given I’m a double espresso in the morning addict — is the craft brewery’s Babae’s blend. It has a complicated aroma — lots going on those there beans — but the finish is clean and bittersweet and the crema Babae produces is rich and lovely.

Just the other morning, I opened my door and there, on the step, was a kilo of the stuff. I had ordered the beans online — didn’t even know that was possible — just the day before. And just look at the date stamped on the bags: these beans are so fresh, they were roasted in the future!

The fella behind Happy Goat is Pierre Richard and I don’t know what he does to get this particular blend of beans so bang on perfect, but I’d like to wish the man who’s product I most love to wake up to, the very best of the season.

Cost: A kilo costs $38

Delivery days: Wednesday and Friday

Happy Goat Coffee Company, 57 Lyndale Ave., 613-792-1309.

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