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March/April 2011 “Reasons to Love Ottawa” Issue on Newsstands March 11


• Because Canterbury’s kicking butt!

• Because we’re on a power politics high!

• Because our punks mosh with veterans!

• Because our local political lexicon rocks!

• Because we’re lusty on the Ultimate field!

• And 39 more….

See the editor’s letter and a full table of contents below.

Letter from the Editor

It’s a funny old town, our Ottawa. We love living here, and yet we’re forever dissing our treasured hometown for being parochial and resistant to change. We complain that the city is a few years behind on every fashion and culinary trend and we’re forever apologizing for our less than scintillating nightlife. We even listen politely and nod affirmation each time our visiting friends from Vancouver or Toronto blithely survey the scene and pronounce Bytown a bit of a backwater.

And yet, when MoneySense magazine released its annual city rankings last spring with the proclamation that Ottawa was the best place in Canada to live, were any of us surprised? Not in the least. It’s that “best-kept secret” factor. We know we’ve got it; no need to flaunt it. The country’s best museums and galleries? Check. Political intrigue always simmering just below the surface? Check. Outdoorsy pursuits? Check. A fabulous festival every freaking week of the year? Check. Oh, and don’t forget that sophisticated French-English thing. Check. Yes, Ottawa’s got it going on.

When we polled our writers, our readers, our friends, and even our frenemies about why they loved the city, the answers that came back ranged from the sincere (hey, we will admit that we do tend to be a bit earnest) to the satirical (unless, that is, we’re talking politics). There’s no doubt about it, Ottawa is the best city in the country — and perhaps the world. And we’ve got 44 reasons to back that up.

COMING UP: Our annual real estate issue explains the allure of home ownership beyond the fringe; Roger Collier takes on the transformation of the Ottawa Race Weekend into a mega event; and Patrick Langston takes in the wonders of the new Ottawa Convention Centre.

Sarah Brown, EDITOR

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  • Starlight_Keith

    44-Magnum load of C-R-A-P. Like the money-obsessed politicians that the rest of Canada hates, a Money Magazine (who the f*@& reads it but pasty-paunched economists) will love Ottawa, a place where good fences make the best neighbours, and the whiniest of NIMBY-ers that always complain to bylaw make up the majority of citizens; I believe that Ottawa was crowned the whiners of Ontario. The food is a mixture of pub grub, pub grub, and too expensive pub grub; whatever good examples of “exotic” food can be had in Montréal for half the price at a stand-up counter. Great festivals? Have you seen the size of the venues, and how often they are mis-named? Great museums? None of the redneck hicks from Ottawa visit them, check your statistics. There is more public art in four square blocks of YUL than the (sh)itty of Ottawa complete, I counted it. Any great fun, like Spins-and-Needles, come from elsewhere. If you like drunken, baseball-cap wearing white males in cookie-cutter Irish pubs, squat uninspiring architecture, and frisbee-tossing “athletes,” Ottawa is your town.

  • DJ NDN

    @Starlight_Keith. I think it’s time for you to move. If you’re so jaded to voice you opinion on your city so harshly in “Ottawa Magazine”, you need to get out of dodge. There was something interesting enough in Ottawa magazine to make you read the article and think out your properly worded BS tirade to begin with. I love my city and every drunken frisbee throwing “athlete” in it.

  • jdit

    @DJ NDN – you have inspired at most a yawn equal to that inspired by Ottawa…

  • therapists

    Keith is right about the fences, the entitlement, and the NIMBY plague. The majority of Ottawans hold themselves and their own personal comfort above all else, even other people’s rights and freedoms. The magazine needs to look a little deeper. Just looks at the response from the outdoor water ban (‘i’ll continue washing my car – to hell with the neighbour’s drinking water!”) and the windstorm cleanup (‘Residents angry at Hydro Ottawa for not enough Twitter updates on the status of their power’).
    Whine, whine, whine, complain, bitch, moan…..